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We are a Toronto based real estate appraisal firm established in 2005. We are focusing on the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and aiming to expand nationwide across the Canada. We focus on services like appraisals for single family and multifamily (up to 4 units), mortgage financing appraisals,litigations, appraisal review services, capital gains etc. Most of our clients are major lending institutions, lawyers, individuals and other corporate and government agencies.


Our firm is owned and managed by our CEO Mr. Nilay Saha who started his career in the real estate business in 2001. He currently holds a CPA, CGA, DAR, CRA and Certified Appraisal Reviewer designation. He has also obtained a Master of Commerce, in Accounting.  The company has built a strong reputation and partnership across Canada with more than 15 years as an appraiser and consultant. Today, Galaxy Appraisals  is one of largest appraisal service provider of choice by the major lenders in  Canada. Ultimately, our goal is to accelerate our clients' success by providing  quality, timely and cost efficient services. 


We would like to stay close to our clients because we believe “Our clients success is our success”. To fulfill our vision, we are committed to provide higher standard of professional services that is trusted by the Government regulatory bodies, lenders, clients and the Appraisal Institute of Canada. ​We are qualified professional Appraisers dedicated to providing the best quality services to meet the needs of our clients.

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