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Galaxy appraisals Inc. is the company you can rely on when faced with complex matters that demand extraordinary combinations of financial, technical, and industry expertise. Our professionals can advise and provide  services in the following areas: 

Full Service Residential Appraisals


We provide full service residential appraisals for single family and multifamily (up to 4 units)

Mortgage Financing Appraisals

Estimate of a property's fair market value to  ensure that the current property fair market value is true and fair also other confirmation as requested by the lender. 

Capital Gain for Revenue Canada for capital gain tax purpose
Appraisals for legal and Matromonial settlement


Appraisals for Litigation

We provide all sort of appraisals for court settlements, claims, disputes



​Appraisals for listing and Sales  price determinations for real estate sales



Review Appraisal Services by the Certified  Appraisal Reviewer

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